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I never intended to blog, but ...

You just know it, I guess. Everything's messed up and you're in the middle of it. I don't know where to start. The cupboards are bursting, the tables are filled with some papers, you even do not know what's there anyway. No recollection of anything. So what do you need ? Point one, a strategy. My strategy, check for it once and put it in any box you could find. Then heave that stuff right down into the basement. There it waits for the second point.

After a time you should register then, that you're stuff is growing. Not in mass, but in colour. It's getting green and hairy - well it's molding. I really hate that. My fucking basement, is a fucking tropical summerhouse, fucking sultry, fucking sweltry. whatever. I just hate that fucking summer. It's too hot in fucking Germany! FUCK!

And so you'll remember why you've never put stuff into the basement. So you'll heave all that stuff (you could rescue) back again into its place in the attic. Oh hell, that's so ... Well - "weather!" you're a bastard!
Why ever I use this word, it releases my pain. It's a valve so soothing to feel like it. It's not just a word. It's freedom.
Hey! And I am fucking not sorry for this fucking mid..!

Just listening to:
the Pixies - Where is my mind ? (1988)